Thursday, October 4, 2012

Four Horsemen Brewing Company - Pale Ale

4.8% ABV

"This Pale Ale is rich and full in character with earthy hop tones and a crisp finish."

The Pour

Pours a burnt umber to fiery orange in colour.  Wonderful fluffy peaks of tan to khaki head.  Nicely carbonated.


Lots of citrusy, earthy notes.  Some cereal and biscuit qualities.  Juicy grapefruit and slight mango and papaya definitely present.


The flavour is not as big as the nose.  It is a little lighter in mouthfeel than I was expecting.  A pleasant lingering earthy hop finish with a maltiness that stays at the back of the mouth.

Overall Impressions

A very nice Pale Ale for sure.  Not massive in flavour, but very pleasant.  This is definitely a sessionable ale.  Packing a wonderful nose and overall balance for a mere 4.8% ABV.  An ale worth a solid B+.  I would put this up there with Founders All Day IPA for a great tasting "go to" Pale Ale.


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