Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Invite Beer Home for the Holidays!

Toronto, ON

This year, add a little twist to your holiday favourites with beer-infused recipes

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, folks are beginning to plan ahead for the next big family gathering - Christmas! This year, why not try mixing up your traditional Christmas dinner by adding beer to your ingredient list.

A common myth is that beer doesn’t have a place at the dining table. The truth is, some of the most interesting cuisine in the world, and that which is inspiring much of Canada’s fusion cooking is traditionally served with beer. Think: German, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Mexican. Pilsners are good for cutting the heat on spicy food, quenching your thirst after savory foods, cleansing your palate after fatty foods and getting your mouth ready to taste again.

Beer is both wonderful to serve with food and is an interesting and versatile ingredient for cooking. Anywhere that wine is recommended in recipes, you can substitute beer following a general guideline: where white wine is called for, use lagers and where red wine is called for, use dark ales; but always follow your own personal taste preferences and enjoy experimenting. Many restaurants and celebrity chefs are creating menu items around beer pairings and beer-infused cooking.

Check out Steam Whistle’s considerable recipe collection: http://www.steamwhistle.ca/fun/recipes.php


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