Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kensington Brewing Company Releases Second Beer, Baldwin FishEYE-PA

Toronto, ON

With the country's largest population of people, it is no surprise that there would be a huge thirst that needs to be quenched in Hog Town.  The city is quickly becoming the place for new breweries, festivals and beer launches.

Not to miss out on this, the Kensington Brewing Company has announced the launch of their second beer, Baldwin FishEYE-PA. Inspired by Kensington Market’s (in)famous fishmongers on Baldwin Street, FishEYE is a bold and unapologetically hop-forward American IPA.  FishEYE-PA is the culmination of three test batches brewed by KBCo founder Brock Shepherd. Appropriately named 1.1 through 1.3, each edition was gently tweaked with the input of their fans.  "We’ve taken many suggestions to heart, especially the cry for more hops!” commented Michael Gurr.

FishEYE-PA was officially launch on the 25th of October at Bar Hop in Toronto. It will initially be available in draught format and a small run of 473ml tall boy cans. An application for a full-time listing at the LCBO has been filed, and they anticipate hitting the retail shelves by spring of 2013.

"At 6.5% ABV and 70IBU’s, FishEYE-PA is a nod to hop-loving beer enthusiasts. A marriage of 3 types of malt and 4 hop varieties, including an excessive dose of dry hops, meld beautifully to create a complex, hop-forward ale. The aroma is dominated by floral and pine notes, with a slight tinge of grapefruit rind and sweet, caramel malt. A long finish with a lingering and pronounced bitterness leaves insatiable hop heads coming back for more".


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