Monday, November 5, 2012

Renaissance Brewing Company - Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

4.9% ABV

"For years fans of the Renaissance beers had been asking, “when are you guys going to do a Stout?”  It was eventually decided that the effort Brian was putting into taking these pesky blighters out the back to give them a shoeing could be better used to actually make the aforementioned stout.

So we produced not only a Stout, but a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, the Craftsman.

Craftsman is the ‘Big Brother’ to our popular Elemental porter. Building on the flavours given by the crystal, brown and black malts, we add a portion of organic rolled oats for a silky smooth mouthfeel, then added a small amount of cocoa nibs to the mash and brew kettle, plus a large addition of nibs to the fermentor. The beer that matured on those cocoa nibs has a lovely chocolate nose that melds beautifully with the coffee and hop notes in the beer. The resulting Stout has a full rounded palate with chocolate and roasted notes predominating and the depth of intensity that one expects from a Stout."

The Pour

Poured from a 500ml bottle, this jet black stout had one finger of tan head.  Quickly 

dissipating, tiny bubbles are left around the rim of the glass.


Not a huge nose from this stout.  Mild roastiness, light cocoa powder.  There is some caramel and burnt sugar notes as well.


As with the nose, the taste too is light.  Some gentle coffee notes pair well with the light cocoa flavour.  The minimal carbonation combined with the oatmeal provide a very smooth mouthfeel.  Definitely not an imperial stout, but balanced and a nice bitterness in the finish.  Pleasant indeed.

Overall Impressions

All the way to Ontario from Marlborough, New Zealand this oatmeal chocolate stout is a well put together, balanced and nicely flavoured, especially when you consider it is a mere 4.9% ABV.  Definitely  note huge, but it have a nice mouthfeel and mild but interesting flavour from first hitting your lips all the way through the finish.  Definitely not ageable but enjoyable.  A solid B.  It is a good stepping stone to some of the bigger Imperial Stouts on the market.


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