Thursday, November 29, 2012

Westvleteren 12 beer coming to LCBO

Toronto, ON

Considered one of the rarest, most highly sought after and coveted beers in the world, this Trappist Quadrupel is a "white whale" amongst the beer geek crowd.  The monks of Trappist Abbey of Saint Sixtus, in Vleteren, Belgium are for the first time making their beer for export.

In an effort to raise funds to repair the deteriorating Abbey, the monks have turned to their world class beer for help and ramped up production to make 163,000 six-packs available to exporters and local sales agents in Belgium.

The great news is that the LCBO has secured 1,404 of those six-packs for sale in Ontario the next two weeks or so for the holiday gift-giving season.

The six-packs, which include two Westvleteren chalices, will be selling for $75.40 apiece.  Make sure you save one of these for your favourite beer aficionado!


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