Friday, December 21, 2012

New Web Venture Links Craft Breweries to Their Fans

Need some holiday help finding a gift for your favourite craft beer lover?  What about a membership in the Craft Brewery T-Shirt Club?  Craft Brewed Clothing has come up with a fantastic plan to get you the craft beer clothing that benefits both the breweries and their fans.

With a 3, 6 and 12 month membership plan, you can have high quality brewer t-shirts delivered to your door.  A great business model that is working for the likes of Dollar Shave Club and others.  The idea of no muss, no fuss regular deliveries to your door have been making consumers happy for a while now.  This time however, the breweries get a chance to make some additional money and gain some fans, all the while keeping the growing craft beer consumers happy and putting some wind in the sails of a new clothing venture.  Win, win, win...does it get any better!

"Craft Brewed Clothing is a true supporter of craft brewing. Not only do we offer the breweries featured in our club gain national exposure through the shirt distribution, we do all the heavy lifting (marketing the club, printing the shirts and fulfilling the orders), and we also pay the brewery for every shirt we sell with their logo. It is a revenue stream for the brewers without any investment or headaches. We also have other merchandise and marketing solutions for small brewers." says Josh Slyman of Craft Brewed Clothing.

Be sure to check out their website in the link above and if you do, use the promo code "BEERGEEKS" to receive 20% off your 3, 6 or 12 month membership.

Happy Holiday's from Beer Geeks and Craft Brewed Clothing to you and yours!


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