Monday, March 25, 2013

New Beau’s Hopped-Wheat Beer “Wag the Wolf” Coming March 28

Fruit and spice flavours meet up with citrusy, tropical hop aroma for an inspired twist on the traditional German weissbier

Eastern Ontario craft brewery Beau’s All Natural will welcome spring next week with a brand new Wild Oats Series beer called Wag the Wolf: a refreshing, hop-forward 6% abv weissbier designed to pair with the changing seasons.

Wag the Wolf is a hazy, pale gold weissbier (wheat beer) that has been generously late-addition hopped — a brewing technique of adding hops at the end of the boil to benefit mainly from their aroma, while taking away less overall bitterness for the resulting beer’s taste. Made with 65% wheat, and fermented with German weissbier yeast, the traditionally fruity, spicy and refreshing style is matched with big New Zealand hop aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. Wag the Wolf offers up banana, clove, papaya, mango and citrus on the nose, lively carbonation with pleasant maltiness, and a slightly dry finish.

“This is a versatile, ‘shoulder-season’ kind of beer,” explains Beau’s brewmaster Matthew O’Hara. “Spring weather in Ontario can be pretty unpredictable, so we decided to brew a beer that that plays equally well with duck, sausages and spicy food as it does with summer salads and goat cheese.”

Wag the Wolf is part of the Beau’s Wild Oats Series, a family of Beau’s beers designed to challenge the drinker’s palate with bold flavours, interesting ingredients, and innovative styles that begin with respect for brewing traditions — and then break the rules. The Beau’s Wild Oats Series is available on tap at select restaurants and pubs across Ontario; a list is available at

Wag the Wolf will be served up on tap for the month of April at these establishments, and will also be available beginning Thursday Mar. 28 in 600 ml single-serve bottles at the Beau’s retail store, as well as through the Ottawa-based home delivery service BYBO ( The bottles will retail for $7.85.


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