Monday, April 15, 2013

Beer Tourism is in Full Swing! Both Local and International Flavours to Choose From

The Beer Lovers' Tour Company is pleased to announce the launch of two new International Beer Tour products, Kegs and Kathedrals 2013 - Oktoberfest in Germany Tour (Sept 28  - Oct 6, 2013) and The Beer Lovers' Tour of Oaxaca Mexico (Nov 1 - 9, 2013)

Kegs and Kathedrals 2013 is a nine day romp through Germany that includes
'bucket list' attractions like Oktoberfest, the BMW museum, Cologne and Heidelberg. But what makes this tour really unique is the off the beaten track places that only the locals really know, like the 300 year old Kreuzberg monastery brewery, the volcanic 'lagering caves' in the picturesque Eifel region of Germany and more. Hosted by bi-lingual beer ambassador and travel guide Oliver Dawson,  Kegs and Kathedrals will be a wonderful introduction to the beer culture and history of Germany for the first time traveler. And for the seasoned beer tripper an experience that should top them all!

Price is $2950 per person (land only) and includes almost everything necessary to make the experience a truly outstanding one. See the website for details.

The Beer Lovers' Tour of Oaxaca Mexico 2013 is an 8 day adventure in one of the most beautiful areas in the Americas! A UNESCO Heritage city, Oaxaca is located in the south central mountains of Mexico and boasts a bounty of architectural wonders from the pre-Columbian to the Colonial. In addition, it is Mexico's culinary capital and the centre for the production of Mezcal and of course Pulque, the pre-hispanic native beer made from the fruit of the agave  Finally, with the emergence of a local craft-beer culture, this week will be a complete cultural immersion that brings together old and new for a true 'feast of the senses'. Hosts on the Beer Lovers' Tour of Oaxaca Mexico will be Oliver Dawson and Alvin Starkman, Ex -Toronto resident of Oaxaca who is a leading authority on local culture and history and, the tradition of Mezcal production.

Price is $1790 per person (land only) which covers just about everything you will need to have an amazing experience  Details are on the web site.

Since 1998, The Beer Lovers' Tour Company has been offering unique tours and events that celebrate beer culture, history and travel. In addition to beer adventures in Europe, UK and Ireland , the highly acclaimed Old Toronto Beer Tour has been a local favourite since 2000. Founder and President Oliver Dawson is a 28 year veteran of the craft-beer scene, having started his professional beer journey in 1986 with the Upper Canada Brewing Company. While that phase ended 14 years later with the breweries' acquisition by a rival, he has since gone on to create The Beer Lovers' Tour Company and is very excited about the continuing developments in the beer industry.

" With the on going expansion in the craft brewing industry and the market's growing thirst for change, we are also seeing an acceleration in the category known as 'beer tourism", says Dawson.

"We are beginning to see more breweries adapting to this opportunity by taking greater care to offer visitors an exceptional experience. Breweries like Steam Whistle report Trip Advisor ranking as one of Toronto's top tourist destinations. As more breweries see the value of investing in the visitor experience, the more 'beer tourism' will become what the wine industry offers travellers in the wine growing regions of the world.," concludes Dawson.

For any information on the Beer Lovers' Tour Company and our cultural beer tours, please call 416 662-6312 or visit:


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