Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Give Your Taste Buds a Spring Cleaning with Biers of Spring at Bier Markt

Toronto, ON

…limited-time BBQ Chic menu features Spring Collection of best beers for the season and Bier Can Chicken…

Winter’s gone. Spring has sprung. Bier Markt is celebrating. Toronto’s premiere, European-inspired Bier and food destination is ushering in the essence of the season – fresh, floral aromas, grassy tang and gentle bitterness – with Biers of Spring. Debuting today, Bier Markt’s limited-time Biers of Spring menu offers sophisticated, from-scratch, seasonal Bier and food pairings. If you’re rejoicing the arrival of spring, think Bier Can Chicken for 2 paired with Hop & Robbers IPA. It’s just one of Bier Markt’s must try BBQ Chic items featured until May 26.

At the Bier Markt Bier and food go hand-and-hand and Biers of Spring celebrates the beauty of Bier and brings Bier Markt’s skill at pairing to life. Every menu item is paired with a Hoppy Bier to spring clean the palate. With a grassy tang, floral aroma and a crisp and gentle bitterness each Bier imparts the freshness of spring with every sip. The pairings demonstrate the flexibility of Bier and how Bier can work with the season.

“Today Bier is far more than a means of quenching thirst. With its unique flavours and mouth feel, the right Bier choice can transform a meal and guide a guest into a new season of tastes,” says Nathan Cameron, Beverage Manager, Bier Markt. “For Biers of Spring we carefully picked a selection of lower intensity Hop Biers that have a vibrant bite and a burst of flavor synonymous with freshness. Each Bier is light and fun and complements spring.”

Selecting from more than 150 brands of Bier from over 30 countries, the Bier Markt curated the best-of Spring Collection featuring:
·         Yellow Snow IPA, a pale, golden Bier with a hoppy fruit aroma

·         Hop Mason IPA, a small, craft batch IPA, created for Bier Markt

·         Houblon Chouffe IPA, brewed with different hop varieties resulting in a big bitter punch, balanced by a spicy fruitiness

·         Spearhead Hawaiian, a bold, hoppy West coast style Pale Ale brewed with pineapple

·         Amsterdam Bone Shaker, featuring layers of tantalizing hop bitterness with a pleasant malt backbone,

·         Hops & Robbers, a toasty, cracker like malt flavour.that is a perfect introduction to IPAs

·         Okanagan Pale Ale, copper in colour and fruity on the palate, this is a wonderfully rounded and easily enjoyed Pale Ale

To complement the Spring Bier Collection, Bier Markt’s Chef Michael Cipollo has created a from scratch feature menu which includes Poulet au Bier a.k.a. Bier Can Chicken. Inspired by the beauty of bier, this jaw dropping dish for two evokes cravings for tall boys by the BBQ. Brined in, and paired with Hops & Robbers IPA, this slow roasted, free range, whole chicken has a delicious toffee flavoured roasted skin and a deeply flavourful meat. Served with baby mustard green salad, savoy slaw, tomato & onion tart and cascade hopped honey glaze Bier Markt’s Bier Can Chicken is guaranteed to make winter a distant memory.

Warmer weather means BBQ season and Bier Markt’s Biers of Spring offers a sophisticated welcome to the return of the treasured BBQ. In addition to Bier Can Chicken, Biers of Spring BBQ Chic menu features:

·         Prosciutto & Cheese Charcuterie, complete with 18 month cured ham;

·         Spicy Beef Tartare made with hand chopped beef tenderloin;

·         Salmon Burger Bites with crispy tempura kale;

·         Steak Flammekueches Cones made with marinated and char grilled flank steak;

·         Grilled King Prawns served with fingerling potato & apple salad;

·         and Beef Brisket, smoked and braised for 24 hours.


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