Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pumphouse Brewery - Blueberry Ale

Pumphouse Brewery, Craft Beer, Ale, Flavored Beer, London ontario, Beer geek, ReviewABV 5% (Bottle 473ml)

The Brewery

The Brew
"Blonde coloured ale with the wonderful essence of fresh blueberries. Sweet flavours of peppery blueberries, malts and spicy hops make this one a winner all the way. A one-of-a-kind refresher."

The Pour
Straw coloured with a light one finger head and mild carbonation.

Mild and lagery malt nose with hints of blueberry that get stronger in jammy sweetness for a nice balance.  I'd compare it to Grand River's Blackberry Ale which was a favorite summer refresher of mine last year.   

Cream ale smooth with some decent carb bite.  Has the mouth-feel and flavouring of a cider without the cloying sweetness.  The nose leads to a pleasant quenching bite off the sip that obligingly makes way for the next.

This one's kind of hard to judge since it's prime season for consumption isn't quite upon us.  I find flavoured beers are also a tough category since many have trouble balancing their flavours; I find many watery with an overwhelming artificial taste.  This brew is a nice warm weather surprise.  It's not outstanding in it's style but it grows on you and is definitely a gateway beer for the ladies.  I give it a B.

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