Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beau’s All Natural Brew Tanks on the Move to Ottawa

Ottawa, ON

Local brewery Beau’s All Natural “Pays It Forward” for The Love of Craft Beer

Eastern Ontario’s Beau’s All Natural Brewing and one of Ottawa’s newest craft breweries, Beyond The Pale, are excited to announce a plan that will bring even more great craft beer to the National Capital region. This week, four brewing vessels from Beau’s first brewhouse, purchased in 2006, will be loaned to Beyond the Pale, to help BTP meet the growing demand for their beer. BTP will compensate Beau’s for the loan with one case of their beer, featuring the re-released Hop on Your Face IPA.  

Beau’s installed a new 60-barrel brewhouse and larger tanks in 2012 as part of a brewery-wide expansion, and since then the older 15-barrel system has been used mainly for experimental and small-batch brewing. When Beau’s co-founder Steve Beauchesne heard of Beyond The Pale’s capacity challenges, he saw the opportunity to pay forward the sense of community and shared passion that Beau’s encountered when first starting up.

“The greatest part of the craft beer movement is how good the beer tastes,” says Beauchesne. “The second-best part is that the movement is genuinely interested in supporting one another and working together for the sake of good beer.” Beauchesne notes that before Beau’s was able to purchase the tanks that will be loaned to Beyond The Pale, Church-Key Brewing in Campbellford, Ont. provided a home for Beau’s to brew the first batches of Lug Tread.

“Beau’s would not be where we are now without the support of craft breweries like Church-Key who came before us and helped us get our start, so it feels really good being able to pay it forward,” says Beauchesne. “It was an easy decision to loan the tanks to BTP because I like what they’re doing so much,” he added.

Beyond The Pale had difficulty meeting customer demand throughout the winter, and are looking forward to being able to ramp up their production for summer while continuing to grow. The two fermenters and two brite tanks on loan from Beau’s will increase their brewing capacity by 80%, and help them to run brewery operations more efficiently.

“In most businesses, if you called up the most successful and influential business in your marketplace and asked them to help support your unanticipated growth, they’d close the door in your face. Steve, on the other hand, took my call and has gone the extra mile to help support us,” shares Beyond The Pale co-founder Rob McIsaac.

“Beau’s has been great ambassadors for craft beer for many years and are truly interested in doing what’s best for both the industry as a whole, and for the community. They embody the mantra of doing well by doing good,” he concludes.

The borrowed equipment is expected to arrive at this week at Beyond The Pale, located at 5 Hamilton Avenue in Ottawa.


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