Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kuhnhenn Brewing Co. - 4D (Fourth Dementia) Olde Ale

ABV 13.5% (Bottle 355ml)
The Brewery

The Brew
"Deep ruby red ale. Extreme malty/caramel flavor; sweet up front, finishing with hop bitterness and aroma. Very complex beer. We recommend at least four more months of age. But it is a delight to drink now."

The Pour
Pours brown, but is cola dark in the glass.  I got no head or lacing, but burnt orange shades present when swirled for a nice added touch.

Delicious and fascinating in equal measure!  The nose is big and thick with sweet roasted malts, red licorice, candied fruits and rich fruit cake on top of the earthy aroma of fallen leaves.  There is the faintest whiff of alcohol - which for 13.5% is impressive.

The mouth-feel is thick like oil as it coats the tongue.  There is very little carb to compete with the substantial body - which is nice because the massive sweetness of the malts get to do battle with the alcohol warmth and cheek sucking bitterness without interference from bubbles.  The warmth actually spread to my throat and chest like a nice sherry, making this a winning warmer for the cool spring months. 

This beer is big, and I mean BIG!  The alcohol is huge, but balances very well with an equally large palette of flavours that carry through from the fantastic nose.  I give this one an A.  It didn't blow my mind enough for an A+, but it is a substantial brew to be sure and well worth a try (get an extra bottle to age!)  I can see why it rates so high at  Ratebeer and Beer Advocate.

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