Monday, June 3, 2013

Grand River Brewing - Dogstalker April Bock

ABV 6.0% (Bottle 500ml)

The Brewery

The Brew
"Amber/red in colour with a defined malt aroma. Upfront malt sweetness that dries out in the finish. Pale & Munich malts are balanced by German Hallertau Tradition and Mittelfruh hops. Very minimal bitterness, yet the standard GRB ‘back of the throat’ finish is there. Very easy drinker."

I had to include this:

"Brewmaster Rob Creighton also noted at the time that the beer was named in honour of April, a goat owned by brewery owner Bob Hanenberg and his wife Jane. According to Creighton, 'April will hide around corners waiting for the dogs to come along and then attack them, trying to ram them with its horns. One mean assed goat.'"

The Pour
Pours a beautifully clear golden amber with a foamy one-to-two finger head.  The brew settles nicely in the glass with very little carb - rather like an English pale ale.

Delicious sweet malts with hints of dandelion and lilac (although that may be coming in through my window).  I also detected the lighter end of dark chocolate and honey oat bread.  A very nice start.

Mouth-feel is getting on for medium bodied - which you need when you don't have very much carbonation - but overall it's a bit watery.  The flavour falls fairly flat, but there are some caramel notes.  The nose is the star here.  However, there is a decent bite that develops as you move through the glass.

I suppose this could be a decent session beer if not for the higher ABV.  I'm a bit disappointed with this one; but coming from a brewer that tries to keep their beers mild in flavour and under 5%, this is in line with their other fine offerings.  Still for a lighting drinking ale any time of year, I'd reach for their Plowman's Ale or (fingers crossed) their Blackberry Wheat.  I give this one a C+.

Man, I just don't have good luck with Bocks...I didn't like Amsterdam's Spring Bock either...I know, commence throwing rotten tomatoes.

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