Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Unibroue's New Éphémère Cherry Wins Its First Medal

Chambly, QC

The latest addition to the Canadian brewery's award-winning roster makes an outstanding debut
at the World Beer Championships

After garnering 12 new medals at the 2013 Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute World Beer Championships earlier this spring, Unibroue distinguishes itself again, this time in the Flavored Wheat Beer category. The Québec-based craft brewery, the first of its type in North America, is especially proud to have received two gold medals for its fruit flavoured beers, Éphémère Pomme and Éphémère Cherry, the latter having been launched barely a month ago.

“Such an honour, so soon after a new beer's launch, is all the more satisfying since it confirms that the product's perception is not based on hype or reputation,” says Sylvain Bouchard, beer sommelier at Unibroue. “Éphémère Cherry thus furthers our mission to create outstanding beers that are truly appreciated for their richness, their quality and above all, their flavour.”

This new honour translates into an impressive total of 210 medals and distinctions received by Unibroue since it created its exceptional selection of distinguished beers, some of which have gleaned more than their share of prestigious awards, including La Fin du Monde (36 medals, including 11 platinum and 15 gold), Trois Pistoles (26 medals), and Maudite (25 medals).

Unibroue beers are sold across Canada and the U.S. La Fin du Monde is Unibroue's most popular beer in the U.S.


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