Monday, August 19, 2013

Railway City's Raspberry Rhubarb to be Release August 22nd!

St. Thomas

Join Railway City as they release their newest one off brew. Their first Thursday night Session Event in their new Building! They will be able to accommodate even more people however they do expect a large amount of interest.

They start off the event with a tour of the new facility, then they feature 3-4 different samples on a blind taste session, invite everyone to take part in tasting notes on each beer and at the end reveal the beer they just enjoyed.

The Raspberry Rhubarb features fresh locally grown raspberries harvested from Berry Hill Farms in Aylmer & Rhubarb from Burke's Farms just south of St.Thomas.

The combination of fresh local fruit & vegetables have never tasted so good!

The Aroma is predominantly Caramel that hits hard initially leading the way for toasted and baked scents reminiscent of raspberry muffins, ending with earth and herbal notes from the hops and rhubarb: a backwards trip from oven to field.

The flavour opens with a splash of sweet and tart moving into caramel and burnt sugar. Rich and full body marries harmoniously with the tartness of the rhubarb making a smooth and silky mouth feel. Finishing finds the raspberry coming initially as jam but building to ripe fruit with a gentle warming as the pint goes on.


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