Monday, September 23, 2013

Cameron's latest is called RESURRECTION ROGGENBIER

Oakville, ON

Cameron’s has resurrected a 500 year-old beer style with RESURRECTION ROGGENBIER. This new ale is made with German rye and has hints banana, clove and light black pepper. The newest member of the Cameron’s Brewmaster’s Series will be available until December 2013 at LCBO’s.

Roggenbiers (rye beers) were declared illegal in 1516 by the Germanic Lords after a series of poor harvests. The Bavarian Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot) outlawed the use of rye for brewing beer so that it could be reserved for making bread, and designated barley as the only grain of choice for brewing beer.

“It has been almost 500 years since the passing of Reinheitsgebot and Cameron’s has resurrected this rare beer style with an intriguing flavor profile,” says Jason Britton, Cameron’s Brewmaster. “Resurrection is brewed with a combination of German rye, malted wheat and is fermented with German Hefeweizen yeast to create a beer that has hints of banana, clove and light black pepper,” adds Britton.

“Cameron’s is committed to brewing innovation but in the case of Resurrection - what is old is new again, as we have brought back an old Germanic style of beer for our connoisseurs,” says President and Co-Owner, Bill Coleman. “While some people may prefer their rye bread with pastrami and a dollop of Dijon mustard, Cameron’s already has a following of rye beer lovers who enjoy Cameron’s award-winning Rye Pale Ale. I am convinced that Resurrection Roggenbier will tingle their tastebuds,” adds Coleman.

 "I get a lot of different flavors from the Roggenbier, it starts with a nice slightly sweet malt, followed by layers of complexity. Beautifully balanced beer, full of flavor, but still super sessionable and refreshing. It is great because you can serve it to a beer snob or your average drinker," says Dennis Kimeda, Owner of The Wren on Danforth Avenue in Toronto.

Look for it now! Click HERE to see if it is at an LCBO near you.


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