Saturday, September 7, 2013

Founder's Brewing Co. to be Featured in LCBO Fall Release

Grand Rapids, MI

Ontarians just go a bit luckier this fall.

Founder's Brewing doing a fall marketing event that will bring a number of their beers into the Ontario market but for a limited time only. 

Those beers will include Pale Ale, Porter, Backwoods Bastard, Breakfast Stout and Dirty Bastard. 

What used to be a pipe dream for the Ontario market is slowly becoming a reality in getting some fine beers from this world renowned brewery from just across the border.

Founder's is hoping to add a second beer to the LCBO for full-time availability in 2014, but there is no guarantee.  Hopefully the Centennial IPA won't be alone much longer.

Look for these beers soon!


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