Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Granville Island Brewery - Island Lager

ABV 5.0% (Bottle 341ml)

The Brewery 

The Brew

"Island Lager is brewed to our original recipe, which combines all-natural ingredients to produce its distinct hop flavour. The same clean, refreshing taste that put us on the map in ’84 still makes this one a local favourite."

The Pour
Pours like light golden straw and is almost clear from some angles.  There is light carbonation and no head; a typical lager.

Rather thick nose, and I'm struck by the amount of malt. There is a lot of bready sweetness that suggests a heftier ale, but also corn undertones that aren't encouraging.  There may be some hops buried underneath, but I cannot detect them.

Light bodied and creamily malted upfront, leading to a decently refreshing bite in the middle, and a muddled bitter/malt/sticky finish.  I would compare it to Molson Export in feel and taste.  It's been around for quite some time, but I found it unbalanced.

I bought this as part of a four beer Granville tasting pack including; Island Lager, English Bay Pale Ale, Brockton IPA and Cyprus Honey Lager.  This definitely rates near the bottom of the pack, just above the abysmal Honey Lager.  I give it an C.  Stick to their Brockton IPA (surprisingly hopped and accessible) and English Bay Pale Ale.

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