Monday, May 26, 2014

Let the Gruit Times Roll!

St. Thomas, ON

Release on May 22nd.

Railway City have brewed their first Gruit and for those of you that do not know what a Gruit is, you are not alone. This is a beer style that is brewed using no hops, and was actually very common style during the medieval era.

According to Wikipedia: Gruit (alternately grut or gruyt) is an old-fashioned herb mixture used for bittering and flavoring beer, popular before the extensive use of hops. Gruit or grut ale may also refer to the beverage produced using gruit.

Why did they brew a Gruit now? They are working with the Oxford Renaissance Festival in Woodstock, and the Gruit beer is perfect for their event.

They are also helping them come up with their own name for their Festival beer. They are holding a Nameth eBeer contest whereby they will be giving away some tickets to their festival. Visit for more details.

Railway City's Gruit pours a translucent golden straw with an ample, long lasting white head. On the nose it immediately hits with strong spice and woodsy note conjuring memories of sage, cumin, mint and menthol. Followed quickly by a malty sweetness with toffee. It's lack of hops may mean no bitterness, but certainly not in flavour, coming in with a thick and full body bringing a herbaceous and peppery blend of sage, rosemary, juniper and cumin, before finishing sweet with mango and pear.

Suggested pairings are more gruit, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and red meat. Avoid fish, high oil foods, and bitter greens.

It will be sold in large 650ml bottles through their retail store and at select bars and restaurants.


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