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At 21, I started my own pub in London, ON with a partner. Looking for adventure, we took and 80 seat pub and added 12 draught lines before expanding to a 200 seat venue, with beer always being the focus. From this early start, I have been interested in visiting breweries in North America and Europe, trying new beers and avoiding any sort of brand loyalty.

Perhaps it is my formal education in the Arts that helps me appreciate the creativity and brilliance of a well balanced brew on the fringe of a style. As of now, I have a taste for hoppy IPA's and deep, rich imperial stouts.

To my wife's dismay, vacations always include searching for some rarities (wasting too much time, distracted in the search). While strangely, she seems to enjoy the treasures it finds.

Now in my forties, it is definitely rewarding to dare to be different in your tastes. I am always up to try something new and exciting.

Completed LCBO Product Knowledge Courses I, II & III - All with Honours

Contact: Cory@beergeeks.ca


It was 1994 when I thought that there has to be something better to drink. Being born in London Ontario, it was easy to pick up a case of the “good stuff” as it was everywhere. I soon traded Blue for Upper Canada and never looked back. Now, I am on the backside of thirty and have tried hundreds of different beers.

I spent many nights at a friend’s pub making my way through the taps. This was the beginning for my love of dark beer.

 I have gone to great lengths to tour, taste and buy beer. I have a great appreciation for extreme beers of the dark nature, but I won’t pass up the chance to try any quality beer.

 If not tasting a new beer on a weekend I have been known to brew a couple batches with friends. And of course these are always on the extreme side.

 My thought is why would you settle for boring beer? There are so many beers and so little time… 

Contact: Scott@beergeeks.ca


I'm a 31 year old with a taste for interesting beers.  My interest started back in my early twenties when my OCD for organization led me to start putting together a list of beers I'd tried with reviews and star ratings that I have since misplaced on an old 3.5" floppy disc somewhere.  I remember it contained over 100 beers and mostly consisted of the regular beer store stocks, as this was long before I knew of the craft brewery phenomenon.  However even back then I realized the benefits of distinction in taste as I separately reviewed Molson Canadian on draft, in the bottle and in the can.  But after a while, all the big names taste the same.  

Now the craft brewing movement has drawn me back to my roots with hundreds of interesting and delicious brews made just miles away that give the Big Guys a run for their money on taste, value and style.   These beers deserve a voice and I'm happy to be one geek more in the choir.  

My own tastes run the gamut from crisp, bitter European pilsners and lagers, to earthy simple english style ales, all the way to the darkest of dark, cask fermented, flavour packed imperial stouts. I'd also like to tackle as many  seasonals as I can.  I find them fascinating because of their limited runs, fearless experimentation and efforts to capture the essence of a season in a bottle.  My blind spot is IPAs.  Sadly, heavy hopping is not my style and I'll leave those tastings to more objective geeks.    

Primary I'm an artsy guy who appreciates anything that is created with care and imagination to bring people an experience they will remember.  What better outlet then, than craft beer?

Contact: Dorian@beergeeks.ca

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